Nutrition Workshops


Lesley Harper offers a range of nutrition workshops tailored to the specific needs of your business or organisation.

Since 2009, Lesley has provided a wide range of support to businesses, organisations and charities by designing and delivering tailored nutrition workshops. Whether it is for a small group of friends, or a large delegation, Lesley is able to offer informative and engaging sessions pitched at just the right level.

In 2013, Lesley took over the nutrition programme for one of the country’s leading fitness retreats; with sites across the UK. Coupled with her commitment to up to date evidence-based practice, Lesley is able to ensure that her nutrition workshops are relevant and meaningful to all of those who attend.

Nutrition workshops can be designed to cover a large range of general or specific topics, including:

  • An introduction to nutrition and you.
  • Stress management and your diet.
  • Food labelling and what’s in your shopping basket.
  • How to support your immune system.
  • Strategies for reducing stress and ill health in the workplace.
  • Avoiding the mid-afternoon energy slump.
  • Supporting your digestion
  • Understanding blood sugar and energy.

To discuss your organisation’s needs, contact Lesley:

Telephone: 07968 752032


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