“Having suffered with digestive problems ( stomach pains, bloating, gas, gastric reflux and sudden bouts of diarrhoea ) for some time, my doctor referred me to a gastroenterologist. I was given an ultrasound, gastroscopy and am MRI scan and serious problems were ruled out. The gastroenterologist suggested that I could try a gluten free diet but other than that he could not help me. A friend suggested that I needed the help of a nutritionist and recommended Lesley.

A consultation with Lesley was thorough and informative and it became clear that I would need to change my way of eating in order to improve.
Lesley explained everything in ways I could easily understand and, together with the natural supplements she recommended, I was convinced that changing my eating choices would help me.

Nothing was a quick fix but Lesley never gave up trying to help me and finally I seem to be well on the road to success.
My symptoms have largely disappeared, I eat very well and have lost over 2 stones in weight (an added bonus!) and feel better than I have for years.

Without Lesley’s expertise and determination to help I am certain I would still be suffering. I cannot thank her enough and haven’t hesitated in recommending her to many of my friends.”

Mrs E.

“I have attended several workshops led by Lesley Harper and I have adopted the dietary changes she suggested. I found Lesley to be friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. She was able to deliver to the workshops a challenge that some foods we thought were good were in fact quite the opposite. Lesley was very able to answer question put to her and also make practical suggestions that were very astute and helpful.

The changes I have made to my own and my families has been quite remarkable e.g. my 18 year old daughter who spent most of her free time asleep, now has energy all through the day; I too have a level of vitality that has astonished me. My daughter and I continue to slowly lose weight without any calorie counting and without ever feeling hungry.

My daughter and I cannot thank Lesley enough for making such a positive mental and physical change to our lives.”

Mr J.

“With so much information now available and conflicting views about nutrition, I have found nutritional therapy to be extremely helpful in sorting through this and finding what works for me.

Lesley is very knowledgeable and professional, and also warm, friendly and gentle in her approach. She guides and works in partnership with you, rather than telling you what to do. Lesley has been available by phone and email to help with any questions or ongoing problems outside of appointments, which has been invaluable.

I have found Lesley’s advice to be straightforward and easy to put into practice, and the best thing is that I have seen big improvements in my skin and digestive health after following it.”

Mr G.

I am at the FitFarms this week in Javea, Spain and I want to thank you for the amazing workshops you went through with us yesterday…

It is the best nutritional information have ever received. It was clear, down to earth, unbiased, absolutely full of important information and your tremendous knowledge base was so apparent from the way you dealt with our questions.

I was blown away to be honest and am looking forward to returning home and sharing the information with my family.

Ms J.